So, with just over 4 weeks to go, and a long “to do list” of things for me to do around the house, I had the unfortunate pleasure of falling off my bike at 45kph during the Gravenhurst triathlon.  Super bummed as I was having a good race, but the bike slipped out from under me without warning.  So, with road rash, a.k.a. cheese grater taken to skin, obtained over a 30 foot section of road, a bunch of the normal stuff that would normally be easy has been made more challenging.

So, a bunch of friends have helped to get things done around here (thank you very much!), while I am hobbling around feeling like I am an 80 year old.

Nonetheless, the smaller tasks that I often say “I will get to that later”  are what I am getting to right now, and the bigger more manual tasks, I am asking for help more than I normally would (and again, thank you to all those that have helped, are helping, and are yet to help ;p )

Unlike Wilson and Deb, I (along with Lulu) have yet to pack our bags.  I am going to follow the motto of, take stuff that you know you probably won’t come home with.  So there will be a lot of quick dry race shirts going with me.  Underwear gets 4 days out of each pair.  Frontwards, backwards and inside frontwards and inside backwards.  That means 4 pairs will last me two weeks!  Perfect.  My new sandals came (Keen Rialto’s … super comfy), and I have a brand new pair of Sketchers GoRun 7’s ready to roll.