Just a quick note from Dr. Dad.  I will let Lulu tell the story …

Nothing like throwing a fracture into the mix before we head off on our trip.

The ridiculous thing is that this was a video game injury.  Well, at least we have a couple of weeks to get things healed up and I think we can manage this while we are gone …. Now onto Lulu!

Lulu’s Big Hospital Adventure

Wilson and I were playing Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch, and he stood right in front of me so I couldn’t see the TV.  So, naturally, I kicked him in the butt so he would fall onto the couch so I could see.  Then he stood back up and went to sit back on to me on purpose.  He kept coming back and he was too heavy, so he kept coming back onto me.  Then by wrist bent way back and I heard a crack.  Then I started bawling.

(At this point, I … Rich the Typist … heard screaming and thought she was imitating the carts on the screen … oops, bad parent moment).

Then Wilson screamed up to mom and dad that I was hurt.  At this point, daddy came running downstairs while Wilson continued to play Mario Kart.

Then we put ice on it, and wrapped it up, and then had supper.  Later, we went to the hospital and saw a nurse (actually Dr. Megan) who snuck us in the back way (membership has its privileges).  I went for my x-ray with a nice x-ray person, then we saw Dr. Dan.  He told us that he thought it was broken (Salter 2 distal radius, undisplaced), and then we went and put a cast on.

That’s the end of the story.