Wilderness South Africa is a place that Evelynn has us set up in a beach front house to relax and enjoy the ocean for 4nights…..heaven!  It really was heaven.

I loved the house –eclectic but right on the beach and so big and so many places to sit outside and watch/listen to the water.


I loved the ocean…the sound in the morning and night…when you can’t even see the waves. So peaceful.

I loved the marine life….the dolphins, whales, seals and….

dolphins and whales

dolphins at sunrise

So- Lulu and I are just about to play a game of cards at the picnic table outside…when I see the fisherman -who has been standing beside us on the beach with his huge fishing pole ALL DAY- reeling in something on his hook…..so I wait….I wait…I get Lulu watching with me…. What will he have?  Will I ever swim here again?  (Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE swimming with FISH!)….we wait….and then


….it looks like a baby hammerhead SHARK!  Ok, ok!  I don’t know my sharks very well but I am certain that in the marine life alphabet board book my parents used to read to me H stood for HAMMERHEAD SHARK….and besides…doesn’t every sensible adult know the unmistakable hammer shape of a hammerhead shark head????  Oh dear….I hope I am NOT a sensible adult..I hope I am hallucinating!

So, the sensible adult in me runs into the house and screams to Wilson and Rich to come out here and look……confirm….or deny…IS THAT A HAMMERHEAD SHARK?! That was just pulled out of the ocean a mere 5ft from where we were swimming and bodysurfing all day???!!!

What?  No….he is just throwing it into the ocean..NO NO NO….how will I confirm my sighting….

Wait….what is he doing?  He is wading into the shallow water and what?!….he is picking up the beast AGAIN…this time with his BARE HANDS…and then…..not just throwing it but LAUNCHING it as far as possible into the ocean.  “Did you see that?  Did you see it’s hammer head”? I ask the boys….”Whatever Mom….that was NOT a hammerhead shark”!

Me – I don’t believe them.  So, what does the sensible woman do?……well….she makes her husband go onto the beach and ask the fisherman!…that’s what she does!

So – Rich saunters out to the beach (face it…he is uber curious too!)….and chats up the fisherman.  Confirm?  Deny?  What will it be?

Thumbs up my friends!!!!  That is what I get!  A BIG THUMBS UP from Rich and the fisherman dude….it WAS A HAMMERHEAD SHARK (a baby….but still….a SHARK!….on our beachfront!)

The fisherman was a very nice man….a neighbor it turns out…so on his way home he chatted to Lulu and I (still sitting safely at the picnic table….not sure we want to see anymore creatures come from the sea!).  He said “hey, don’t worry, it is one in a million chance I would ever catch a baby hammerhead shark here”!  WHAT??!!!  Should I find comfort in that?!  I think not.  I am quite certain it is literally one in a million chance that I will be EATEN BY THE BABY HAMMERHEAD SHARKS MOTHER!

So —-did I get in again…..well…..

I loved the body boarding and jumping waves with the kids…. (yes I got back in…I am BRAVE!)

looking for the perfect wave

Lulu prefers jumping and running in the waves

Wilson catching the perfect wave

Rich…braving the waves to get out there

Wilson trying the blow up

Rich watching the dolphins close by

The boys surfing..for hours

When not surfing..watching wildlife and body surfing

Lulu getting braver

Getting pummelled

some BIG waves

I loved the sunrises…

I loved the sunsets….


I loved the chill time with the kids….

Wilson piggy backing Lulu home from lunch at the cafe on our road!

macaroni salad, chips, Sangria and bananagrams!

building our WHALE in the sand…and then comes high tide!

I loved the homemade Sangria and ice coffee on the beach!

Wilderness was our favourite spot so far….we will see what compares…more adventure to come!

This one for you mom…our trivial pursuit card at supper…the AC brown question

Wilson’s dessert at East Head Cafe (a Larry recommendation!)