My favourite top ten on safari

  1. Being on the lookout for animals and screaming si-mama (stop) or tawenda (go) to Nico our guide.  When I wasn’t on my iPad I was really really good at spotting animals.  Sometimes I sat up front with Nico and helped be on the lookout.  It was TOO HOT in the front seat though….so I tried to switch.  I liked standing up in the safari jeep when the rood was up because you don’t have to wear a seatbelt and you stand up and try to balance.   It is kind of like surfing.  The roads were very very bumpy.
  2. Here we go!
  3. Picnic box lunches. I liked stopping and eating our box lunch in the jeep next to the wart hogs.  They are funny because in the Lion King song it says “When he was a young wart hog…when I was a young wart HOOOOOOGGGGGGG!”  Wilson and I would sing this and laugh.  I packed my own box lunches and it included chocolate bars, popcorn, apple, coke and lots and lots of chicken…not bad compared to Morocco.
  4. Lunch with a view
  5. SCREAMING at the first sighting of ELEPHANTS…or really any other first sighting. The cheetahs, leopards, elephants, lions, hippos, crocodiles, snake, baboon, monkey, hyena, giraffe and zebra were all my favourite firsts.  The first animal I saw in Africa was a lovebirds, then zebras and then a whole lot of elephants at a watering hole.  I was in heaven.  I couldn’t erase my smile.
  6. The crazy Craigholms, while the kids built a fort in the back of the truck. We thank Nico for his patience and understanding with the kids being kids…
  7. Rice Krispies. The people at the rest camps because the only thing I wanted for breakfast was Rice Krispies.  They would give them to me at breakfast and put soe in a to go for my snack…THANK YOU.  The food was ok, there was a lot of watermelon, melon, pineapple and apple which was good.
  8. Learning Swahili from Nico. Did you know Simba is lion, Twiga is giraffe, Tambo is elephant, Douma is cheetah,   I also learned a lot about the animals and nature from Nico.  He was really kind and knew a lot.
  9. Nico’s laugh. It was really really funny and we loved to laugh with him
  10. Spending time with Auntie Karen. Auntie Karen camp was fun.  I liked calling us the Craigholms!  I had lots of hugs and snuggles with Karen.  She liked the animals as much as I did.  Mom, Karen and I loved to play the word game (name a female, male, city, country, fruit/veg, celebrity, animal etc with the same first letter)….we played for hours on the game drives.
  11. At a camp we went to twice, the Masaii workers sang a nice goodbye song for us.  Everytime you got welcomed to a camp you got a juice to drink, a fresh towel to wash your hands and face and smiling faces.  There were Masaii kids on the side of the roads.  Some of the young boys had their face painted and were wearing black.  Older siblings carried their younger siblings.  They would always wave, sometimes asking for food or money and sometimes chase the jeep.  I met a really nice Masaii man named Moses.  He told us about growing up as a Masaii and he gave us bracelets.   Clement also told us stories about growing up Masaii and about him getting lost and three lion finding him.  He snuggled and slept with this lions and then followed them.  His parents were very worried..but it turned out ok when they found him.
  12. The lion kill and wildebeest crossing. The coolest animal action we saw on safari.  The lioness was going after a family or warthogs but then it spotted a Thompson gazelle and she “pressed the button for steath mode”.  She crept up and stayed in the long grass that was exactly her colour.  After 10min of waiting with all of us in our jeeps watching.  The gazelle looked away and POUNCE the lioness got the gazelle (in mid leap trying to get away).  I wasn’t grossed out by it because it is the circle of life (start singing here!). The wildebeest crossing weren’t so exciting.  We waited for hours for those crazy beasts to figure out to cross the river.  They were afraid of crocidles.  We encouraged them by making “WILDEBEEST TV…season one and season two”.  Karen and Mom and I laughed our guts out.
  13. The elephant warrior. Once upon a time it was night in the Serengeti.  Auntie Karen and Mom heard some water swooshing and spilling just outside our tent.  They woke up (but didn’t wake me up!) and got scared.  I was mad at them because I wanted to be part of the adventure!  Mom and Aunt Karen called for help and the Masaii answere “is the animal in your tent”???….I hope NOT! Ha!

Moses, the Masaii worker at the tent came and scared it away.  He then let mom and Aunt Karen see the large elephant who knocked over our water for our shower/toilet.  I can’t BELIEVE THAT THEY DIDN’T WAKE ME UP!


  1. THE WIND. I loved almost being blown off the cliffs at Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. It was way more wind than you could pay for in a wind tunnel.  I was scared at first and asked mom to hold on to me…but then LOVED It.  Wilson and I tried to lean as far as possible without falling over.
  2. ROCK CLIMBING. We got to boulder up the rocks on Lion’s Head hike.  There were things called staples on the rocks to help you climb.  It was high and windy and fun.  I can’t believe Larry climbed up this.
  3. THE OBSTACLE COURSE. Mom and Dad found a fun run/obstacle course at an ostrich farm.  I loved trying to get up the warped wall.  On the last try I hurt my ankle stepping into a gopher hole…but I did it!  I wanted to go again I had so much fun!
  4. MY BIRTHDAY. On my birthday I woke up and saw golden streamers and pink balloons all around the house.  I was excited because I wasn’t expecting it.  I got a few gifts from my family that I wasn’t expecting either and I got to chat with some friends.  Mom and I got a manicure…my first!  My dad and Wilson and I went horseback riding.  Our guide’s horse wasy CRAZY and she said if she wasn’t horseback riding for 21yrs she would have been bucked off.  I rode Napoleon who was crazy as well.  Daddy rode Juliet and Wilson rode Sir Rocco.  Usually I like horseback riding but this time I got scared and cried.  Oh well, after mom came to pick us up we went to a movie theater that played a funny movie called Smallfoot.  Instead of theatre seats there were huge bean bags.  It was fun and comfy.
  5. In Hermanus we saw a lot of Southern Right whales.  They are just off the beach and rocks so you can whale watch from land.  We saw some jump.  We saw some babies.  They were REALLY big and REALLY close.
  6. BABOON FIASCO. I almost pooped my own pants….when a huge baboon jumped in through an open window in our kitchen.  I was sitting on the couch and started screaming.  I didn’t know what to do.  Mom and Dad came running and screaming and Mom’s first choice of weapon was a flowery pillow….funny now I think of it.   At the time I was too scared.  The baboon was scared too.  I know this because he crapped his pants….well ok…he crapped the floor…he doesn’t wear pants!!!!  His first weapon was poo and his aim was for the walls!  Disgusting!
  7. YIPPEE KAIYEAH BIRDGIRL. We toured an ostrich farm in Outdshoorn.  Evelynn had told us to get dad to ride an ostrich but he was too heavy.  After we learned a lot about ostriches and I even fed them from a bucket (I was too freaked out to have them eat from my hand)…we all got a chance to sit on an ostrich.  Mom and I were too chicken and dad was too heavy, but the only one left was Wilson.  He was brave and put his hand up to volunteer.  He went flying when they took the blindfold off of the bird.  Thank goodness he was holding on.  We cheered for him!  He slipped off the back of the ostrich while it was still running….graceful dismount.
  8. WILDERNESS..:This was my favourite spot in South Africa because most of you know I am a big fashion girl.  I was excited when we arrived because the lady who owned the oceanfront place we were staying was a famous artist.  The place was very very very nice and there was even an ENGLISH TV with satellite.  There was K.C. Undercover, Teen Titans, Bunk’d and Raven’s Home.  Wilson and I got to chill some!  Our backyard went right onto the beach!  The second day there I accidently scraped my foot with the base of an umbrella….so with my cut I didn’t want to go into the salt water.  Wilson was mad at me.  I did try some belly boarding but the waves were big and the water was cold.  There were surfers and they out a little deeper than us in the waves and dolphins came right up beside them.  There were even whales a little further out.

One afternoon when mom and I were playing Bananagrams at the outside table, the fisherman from next door caught something on his long long fishing line.  We watched him pull it in…and it was a HAMMERHEAD SHARK!  It was a baby though.  So mommy said “where there is a baby there is a momma!”

I also liked walking into town which required running across the highway…there were HUGE trucks.  The first night we went to a restaurant, Flava,  and had great milkshakes but then they sort of forgot about us and we waiting hours for our dinner.  Finally we reminded them and I had ok ribs.

9.ACROBRANCH AND PUZZLES.  Mom and I were excited to try high ropes.  Wilson was a little bit nervous.  We paid for the girls to go on two courses with 29 obstacles and ziplines and the boys paid for one with 11 obstacles and shorter ziplines.  We had a great time though and the boys stayed for both courses.  My favourite part was the tight ropes…especially when mom or dad bounced me on them.  The 75m long 8m high zipline was also awesome.  I guess I don’t have any fear of heights.  After high ropes we went on another adventure to Plett puzzle park.  The first thing was a walk and we tried to solve puzzles along the way…they were tricky.  We only got 6 of 9 solved.  It was fun though.  The second part was a wood maze that you had to find your way to all four coloured corners.  You placed a coloured piece of wood into a box and a new colour piece came out….then you raced to that colour.  We decided it should be boys against girls. The girls tried hard but the boys beat us by 30seconds….oh well.

  1. HIGHBRIDGE. Our family went to see bungee jumping at Bouklan Bridge. We thought we were just going to watch but daddy decided he wanted to go.  I was brave enough to go with him.  I got to walk out to the middle of the bridge at 216m above ground.  We walked on a catwalk that was made of mesh on the sides and fencing underneath….WHOA…no one afraid of heights should try this!  I had a great time singing and dancing to the loud music pumping while dad got strapped in and made a HUGE LEAP.  I couldn’t erase the smile from my face I was so excited for him.  Maybe when I get older I will try!!!! (or there is always skydiving J)