(Preamble by mom!)

When you travel for many many hours in the HOT sun and driving in the camper….with NOTHING around….you make up new word games.

The road to Canarvon – 120km with 16 vehicles (cars/campers/vans etc) and 6 road trains …..

One car passed us….and I overtook one ROADTRAIN…with 60km/hr winds…thank goodness the road is STRAIGHT AND NOONE IS OUT HERE (also – truck drivers are really nice and signal you when it is safe for you to pass…then you gun it and hold on tight with two hands!)

And…lots of road kill…. (so far in three days of driving 30 kangaroo, 6 emu, one snake, one cow and one bird (care of the front windshield).

Some live animals too…18 live kangaroo, 2 emus crossing the road, one DINGO…and one lizard (I am not sure he made it…..)

So – here are Lulu’s writings….with corrections (she is learning the English spelling still and practicing her cursive!)


…more road travels to come…