So as you may know (from the title) this post is all about chickens.

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Now don’t get carried away, let’s tell fun facts now.

Chickens have a “pecking order” this means that some chickens will rule over others and be first to get food and get the first choice on nests.  Did you know that it was the egg that came first not the chicken YEAH! Birds developed from dinosaurs and laid hard shelled eggs and then there were chickens.

Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.                                                                                                      The droppings produced by a chicken in its life time can be enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for five hours!

Cockerels(male chickens) make the crowing noises.Image result for cockerel chicken making a noise with sunrise

Americans eat 8,000,000,000 chickens a year!Image result for american flag with an egg

You can tell what color egg a chicken is going to lay by looking at their earlobes.  White earlobed chickens lay white eggs, hens(female chickens) with red or dark colored earlobes generalley  lay brown eggs.  The araucana is a chicken from Chile lays blue or green eggs.  Chickens that lay blue or green eggs are also called “easter egg” chickens.Image result for different colors of eggs

Did you know that not all chickens lay eggs that are chicks? Let’s say that this is like a woman’s period they lay eggs every day those eggs are for eating but if you fertilize them they turn into chicks. If there is a mating then there will be a chick in 21 days.

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