G’day from Aussie Land.

We landed in Perth on a hot morning and as we got out the airport we got a uber and got to our house and hopped in to bed. Two hours later he hopped in the pool that had a strong current. The pool had a big gap between the wall and the ladder . Lauchlyn and I swam through that gap. The current pushed us through. I never have had thought that I could fit through the gap . I ran on the wall as a current pushed me forward and when I reached the ladder I dived through the water. The next day I went with my dad to get our Motor home that we rented from Apollo. When we came back to the house we passed all of our stuff out to the door Motorhome . Then we packed it all up and left to our campsites. I never had thought that Austrillia was so so plain but we saw 2 emu and 17 unfortunate dead kangaroos.

Soon we got to our campsite that had a jumping pillow and a pool. That night we went swimming and then went to bed. The next few weeks were the same until all our plans went wrong….. dun dun dun! Kidding…nothing really happened!

Up the west coast of Australia was windy and lots of ocean. Dad wanted to snorkel all the time but I was afraid of sharks. There are a lot of great white and other kinds of sharks in the area. I didn’t want to be shark bait. Eventually, I decided to try snorkeling. The water was actually warm and I had fun. I even saw a baby turtle.

i did not see this dad did

Lauchlyn and I had most fun at the campgrounds because of the playgrounds, jumping pillows and pools. I like camping. My bunk was above the driver’s seat. I loved my own space and Lulu decided not to share with me because I take up so much room.


After a lot of driving and too much school work (my Dad really makes us do a lot of math on the drives) we arrived back in the south part of western Australia. We got quite a surprise when Mom and Dad agreed to have a girl named Robyn join us in the camper. The people who she was supposed to stay with turned out not to work well. Robyn was 17 turning 18 and she was fun to have around. We jumped on the jumping pillows, snorkeled and learned to surf with her.

Robyn skipped all advice and went right to the big waves and stood up. That didn’t win her any TT Brownie Points! Show off…

Wilson got quite good at it by the end of it all, but the fear of sharks in the water kept him close to shore…plus the fact that he wasn’t an instant expert at surfing frustrated him a lot.

Surfing was super super fun. I was worried again about sharks…but decided to try. I actually got up on my feet before either my mom or dad figured it out! Lulu was freezing cold and didn’t stay in long. I got to try a few different sized boards. Mike (the instructor) was fun.
We also climbed very very very tall trees. I can’t believe I did it. Usually I am afraid of heights but I did it and I liked it and I also did tree top treking.

We finished our stay in Australia by going to Sydney. When we got to Sydney we saw the Sydney Opera House which seeing it in real life makes me wonder how did they build that roof? My dad and I went to see Fantastic Beasts-Crimes of Ginderwald. It was good but I got jumpscared a couple of times. Lulu and mom went to see a ballet at the Opera House. The condo we stayed in had a work out room and a pool with a bridge that you could swim under. We had fun there.

Tasmania was our next stop. We met up with Robyn again as she will join us on our big hike. Hobart and Mount Wellington were fascinating. I loved the fish and chips from floating restaurants and geocaching at the top of the mountain. The Three Capes Walk was 48km long and took us 4 days to hike it. It was fun. I met a friend named Miles. He was 12 and from Melbourne Australia. We had fun walking together and exploring. The first hut that we stayed in, we got to see a helicopter take our ranger to a training session. The next couple of huts we met other kids and played games etc with them. It only rained on the last day. We got soaked. All in all I would rate it a 5/5 because it was beautiful and I like hiking.

wilson feeds joey

And math homework too…and tim tams mmmm!

Packing it up…

hobart tramp and fuse ball!

Also in Tasmania we stayed at a cool farm named Ratho. The farm had Scottish hairy cows and baby lambs. We got to feed the cows and lambs. They liked to eat the leaves from the walnut trees. The owner snapped off a huge branch and I got to feed it to the cows and the lambs. Lulu and I also got to chase chickens around their coop and try to get them in for the night. We had a lot of laughs and mom even peed her pants watching us! There was also a chess board there at the house and we played chess. I like it and am pretty good at it. Dad, mom, Lulu and I also went golfing at the farm. It is the oldest golf course in Australia. Lastly, we learned how to fly fish in Tasmania. It was fun but we didn’t catch any fish. The hardest part for me is casting the very long line.
We are headed to New Zealand now…