Evolution lesson…first hand  (by Deb)

Evolution lesson…first hand (by Deb)

Welcome to Darwin’s Islands! This was Rich’s pick for our around the world trip….and it happens to be our last stop before returning to the VERY cold weather at home.  I am not looking forward to becoming a popsicle…but hey…every great adventure must come to an end...
EASTER comes in January!  (by Deb)

EASTER comes in January! (by Deb)

  Easter Island….very peaceful place. Here are some pictures of Moai. Not much else to do but try to stay cool and visit ancient sites q
Moorea…Made It!  (by Deb)

Moorea…Made It! (by Deb)

  As most of you know from our gloating on FB….We made it!  Rich figured out the flight check in late the night before we left.  Off for flight 16! Island bound…we landed at Papeete at 10:40 and through customs (another scare that we needed VISAs...
Baa-Bye New Zealand  (by Deb)

Baa-Bye New Zealand (by Deb)

  Lake Tekapo was along the way to Kaikoura …our next destination.  Only a quick picture stop at the Church of the Good Shepard…then back on the road for a very long 6.5hour drive day.   And then……DISASTER STRUCK.  With a perfect storm of ALL THINGS PICTURES...
Some More Weather Woes… and Lots of Pictures  (by Deb)

Some More Weather Woes… and Lots of Pictures (by Deb)

  From Pohara we headed south.  A long long driving day through some beautiful mountains of the north west.  We planned to stop near the Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki.  We booked a family cottage at Nikau retreat.  We arrived around 5pm and were happy to see that...