Cell Biology  (by Wilson)

Cell Biology (by Wilson)

A multiday learning effort on cell biology. Here is one of my assignments.   Here is the last assignment.  I had to choose a setting to compare to a cell.  I chose an army.    
G’Day Mates  (by Wilson)

G’Day Mates (by Wilson)

G’day from Aussie Land. We landed in Perth on a hot morning and as we got out the airport we got a uber and got to our house and hopped in to bed. Two hours later he hopped in the pool that had a strong current. The pool had a big gap between the wall and the...
Mastering Surfing is about Mastering Science  (by Wilson)

Mastering Surfing is about Mastering Science (by Wilson)

First you have to know about energy, waves and forces. The first law is about energy conservation = Energy can not be created or destroyed.  Energy doesn’t stop moving and it travels usually to places with less energy.  Energy can change forms. Why do you have...
Australian Aboriginals  (by Wilson)

Australian Aboriginals (by Wilson)

Australian Aboriginals I read two articles on Canadian aboriginals and I will compare Canadian to Australian aboriginals. Reading the article on Charlie Wenjack I felt sad. It was a tragedy. I wonder if this same tragedy happened in the Aussies history.  Let’s find...
Vacuuming Vietnam  (by Wilson)

Vacuuming Vietnam (by Wilson)

As we flew from Johannesburg through Singapore, we (finally) landed in Hanoi, Vietnam. We were picked up by the hotel transportation vehicle and drove to our hotel. I realized how lucky I was to be here in the busy city of Hanoi on the other side of the world from...