Whale Watching in De Hoop South Africa

At The Bottom of Africa at Cape L'Agulhas

Reality Check at Robben's Island in South Africa

Lions Keeping a Watchful Eye in the Serengeti

Elephants Keeping An Eye On Us in the Serengeti

Lazy Leopard in the Serengeti

Seeking Shade in the Serengeti

Our Adventure Stories

Galloping Around the Galapagos

We had a bit of time before we got on the flight to Quito, so we packed up and wandered into town where we grabbed a bite for lunch at a local burger joint and then got into the God awful line at the airport.  By far, this was the most inefficient airport that we were...

Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Island

Up and at ‘em early in Tahiti, as the flight was going to be leaving at 3am.  It was super hot already and we just lounged around until we got on the plane and air conditioning was reestablished to make the climate more bearable.  We were headed to the fabled Easter...

Paradise Found in French Polynesia

We knew that the first leg of this trip was going to be rapid fire, as we made our way from Taupo to Auckland, hopped on the plane, got into Papeete (Tahiti), and made our way to our overnight stay in Papeete.  There was a great little trio playing traditional...

Soaring Amongst The Clouds in Kaikoura

After the long drive turned longer from Mount Cook, and the tragedy turned …. well, something … we were happy to be in Kaikoura, which is a beautiful and sleepy costal town on the north east coast of the South Island. Last time we were here we had a short stay for a...

Cruising to Cromwell, and Climbing in Mount Cook

We split the drive up on the way to Mount Cook region with a stop overnight in a small town called Cromwell. The strip motel that we were staying in with nothing special, but it had a pool, and it was quite hot so we at the ability to cool off in the middle of the...

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