T minus 5 and 1/2 weeks…..and some mornings come earlier than others!

Wilson and I have managed to pack everything we need (or we think we need) for 6 months in a carry on rolling case and a backpack.  Wilson has secured the BIGGEST case and the BIGGEST backpack….but who’s keeping track 🙂 . And honestly…RICH hasn’t even attempted to pack yet -he will win the “biggest” prize of the family I am sure!  Lauchlyn is at Camp Tawingo so she gets to take part in round two.

I had anticipated tears and begging – “Mom I REALLY need this lego man” and “Mom I NEED these stuffies!”

Wilson handled packing very well…and I shed only a few tears 🙂

I wake up early thinking about a favourite pair of pants that I should consider fitting in to the case or which liquids I want to try to get on the plane.  Do I really want those shoes?  How will I keep my running clothes from stinking up the entire case?…..Oh the woes of those who are SO lucky to travel the world for 6 months.  I know…I know….

We are testing the website, booking in last minute visits, and dreaming BIG.  Stay tuned.