These are the tickets from all of day one/day 2!

The Travelling Trenholms are on the loose….and loving it.

The first day was 24hrs of travel.  Car to Toronto, park and fly bus to airport, plane to Paris, metro-train to Nord d’est station, train to  Luxembourg, bus (from where the train just stopped and told us ..hop off an get the bus to Luxembourg city…….ok….) and then city bus to “near” the apartment!

So far I have learned that Rich can sleep ANYWHERE. 

Wilson’s nerves will keep him up until he crashes! Lauchlyn rolls with any of the punches with a smile on her face and me…well….I am ‘mom’.  I fill in the gaps with plans, directions, buying snacks, holding hands and playing cards.  I am well known to be nauseated though when I am tired, hungry, hangry or anything in between….so finally day 2 – I don’t feel nauseated…yeah!  BUT I do have a constant headache from not enough coffee!  (we will work on this!).  The kids have proven themselves good travellers so far.

The apartment in Luxembourg is great. 

The host is friendly, the place is clean and is well located.  What we didn’t know is that Luxembourg is basically in 3 tiers.  The apartment is in the valley….Luxembourg city centre is at the TOP.  It is green and beautiful…but full of hills to walk, run, pull suitcases etc.

Day 2 we slept in (much needed for all!….except maybe for Rich who got some sleep on the plane with help from the sleeping pill and not being flanked by kids who “want to snuggle” and “can’t sleep” and “look at this on my movie screen mom” etc etc….

We headed by train then a bus to Vianden to see our first castle.  Lauchlyn is helping to fill in for my pals with the “people watching” and she is GOOD at it!  We took a chairlift to the top of the hill beside the castle and then climbed down to the entrance.  We had bought a Luxembourg Card ($68euro for a family up to 5 people for 3 days –which includes free bus/train etc and also entrance to most attractions).  Free chairlift, free castle –which is good because the castle was nice but not spectacular.

We had some treats and returned by bus and train!  On the train we got into trouble for being in first class….who knew the red coloured seats (not blue) and carpet on the floor meant that this one train is considered first class!  Oh well –the train man was nice enough…and the kids woke up Dad (who was sleeping again!)…and we moved downstairs to the blue seats!  Poor Rich…can’t catch a break…we wake him up every time!!!

Luxembourg is having a national holiday today – Aug 15th.  We went into the town centre to find the music festival and some great eats from around the world.  The kids tried a virtual reality glasses experience from sub-saharan Africa…..and we generally explored the city centre.

It is pretty, clean and safe – however – EVERYONE smokes!….blah!

Today is a fresh new sunny day.  I have taken my first run –UP HILL to the town centre and then back.

down hill – home
up hill – city centre
me – middle of the road!

Rich is out right now for his run.  Some bfast, school work, laundry, park time –then off to see some caves and meet Madeline (the exchange student who was in Huntsville this past year) in town for dinner!