We left home at 1:44 and had a long drive to Toronto really really long time in the Airport we had to wait for the plane which was delayed a couple of times.It took us two hours in the airport and about 6 1/2 hours on a plane. We had an overnight flight so I didn’t really sleep because I can’t sleep on planes.It was very difficult until we landed landing was easy we touchdown.I did not even know we landed and then when we got off I was Paris and we had a little trouble getting to our train which was halfway across Paris so we took the subway .As we got to our train station we had to walk up out of the tunnel and across the street we saw a big grassy area so we went to it and there was lounge chairs laying around and we gathered 4 of the chairs and then we spotted the exercise place. It was across from the grassy area with some running and biking Machines we had a But a lot of fun on those.Then I had a nap and I didn’t even know I had a nap I was just passed out and didn’t know because I was having a dream I just kept waking up and then playing on my iPad I don’t have a picture but my dad has a picture of me zonked out and when I woke up I am looking at the picture and laughed my head off this was the funniest part of the start of the trip. as we go to train it was an hour and a half so I get bit of a nap and I got a lot of iPad when we got off the train we got on the bus and drove to our apartment.