Here we are in Paris having so much fun!

We have our apartment slept good and had a few train rides that were annoying but still having a fun time tomorrow we leave, today we are going to see Madeline for dinner.

I was really looking forward to eating macaroons in france then Ifound out macaroons were disgusting!

Plane ride was fine didn’t sleep for a long time, but there was a tv so I was happy.

On a quest for Kristen Bell for funny signs here are the ones we found so far!

No Lainie nothing to worry about!

What do these mean?  Mom and I had no clue!

A museum of weiners really?

All that this store had was underwear.

Wilson and I laughed a lot at this one beacause at first we thaught it said pousser DRUNKEN but we found out it did not.  When we pushed it we pretended we were drunk.