I have had very little sleep. I have bruised knees and seat burn!

….get your mind out of the gutters!!…my mother reads this blog!

This is the state of the morning address after the LONG night before….and this is what happens when your

-190lb, oblivious to the world because I took my little blue pill (btw…he wants me to be sure I tell you it’s imovane and not the “other” little blue pill….also this ensures your mind stay above the gutters!)….husband and your

-12yo headed into “the puberty” as his sister would say….aka really really smelly feet(not to mention his flatulence ?) and your

-9yo happy to be here but I’m too hot in this sardine can shirtless daughter and you


All cram into a 6seat cabin on an overnight train to Munich!!!

Why you might ask?….well Evelynn!…I guess I didn’t master the “booking the Austrian nightjetter” course that I was so proud of!…or outwit the German bahn.de guy that I spoke to who said “no berths on that train”! ….and instead paid top dollar for four beds in FOUR different berths!

Well, needless to say when we hopped on the train at 11pm (with a 35min delay)….I had two very scared children who thought they’d be sleeping alone…and one irritated mom who got it wrong!

The nice Nightjetter man found us a “cabin” with 6 seats that fold down…but not until he gave me a lecture in Germenglish…about the “trouble” getting it wrong costs!

We crammed in feets to heads and tried to catch some z’s. Wilson …who we already know isn’t great at sleeping on moving vehicles was my charge….not a wink until after 1am AND after being drugged by his dad!…bitter blue pills all around!

Lauchlyn and Rich got the other side…all’s well with doped up, sleeping mask, ear plugged dad…..but poor Lulu begged for earplugs or a “switch” bc Dad (without his cpap) was snoring in her ear….

2am…trips to the bathroom…that’s an experience -find your shoes, exit the sardine can (some far more stealthily than others), walk in a moving train, cross between cars (which is loud and therefore the kids have their ears plugged and therefore they can’t hold on to stand up straight!), get to toilet, pee on moving train, wash hands….get mom to flush (again…too loud for kids), bump your way back through the corridor to climb over sleeping dad into bed

…..repeat…multiple times …for two small children and one small bladder mom!

Finally….no one tapping on me…hot and not truly comfy but ready to sleep. The rolling train (not causing nausea …thank you Rob Sibley and Mom and Dad for the Bonine) but the precarious positioning wedged between “out like a light” Trenholm and the door means that a little train roll left and I am have Rich’s knees in my back …a little roll to the right and the hard metal door is brushing my knees!…..slow down and stop means swat burn on my side….they call this sleep?!

So-needless to say…at the end of it all

Sleep rating-poor


Parental points -I am in the negative….should have taken a German lesson or two!

Well….at least I didn’t have to spend a totally sleepless night swaying outside a berth door with my “mom….why can’t you get it right” kid inside!

Instead….a worthy story….add it to the memories!

We are in Munich…tired, but ready to explore! (And earn back some points)