✅ a GREAT sleep at ViVadi hotel (a beautiful hotel with lovely beds and awesome rain shower!…and they kept our bags there for free yesterday and today)

✅ Wilson says I win a point back because I chose an awesome hotel within 400m of train station (for arrival from Luxembourg, S train and U-Bahn around Munich and for departure train to Salzburg)

✅ more points for Mom!….a terrific family outdoor pool -Michaelibad(for 15euro can play all day) with

-lane swim (Lauchlyn practiced her breast stroke…too busy and chaotic for front crawl)

-waterside…slow slide for Wilson Lulu and I …but somehow Dad made it down fast! (maybe his “density” (v=ma))

-“lazy river” with quite a current …good exercise going upstream

-waterspouts raining down cool refreshing jets of water…a great back massage

-big pool to play in…good packing goggle kids!

And last but not least…

-the platform diving…these Europeans really laugh in the face of Canadian style “public =Uber safe”

We all went off the 2m springboard

high flying Lulu

Mom plugs her nose

But the high flying (aka CRAZY) Trenholm males went off the 10m platform! Ahhhh!

Wilson jumping

Wilson’s BIG splash!

Rich taking a leap

…rethinking his options…

Now on the train to Salzburg…no problems with this connection. Phew! Pizza and panini lunch and Vio (lemon lime drink that reminds Rich and I of a similar one we found on last trip!).

chillin (Munich to Salzburg 1.5hrs on M train)

a view of the toilet on the train…why not?!

Let’s play a Game…GUESS WHICH PACK IS RICH’S???