So, we quickly figured out that Vienna was out of the question.  Just looking around the city of Salzburg offered us plenty of things to do to pack up the three and a bit days we had to spend here.

We arrived in the later part of the afternoon by train from Munich, where we read books, watched a show or two, and played a quick game of Quirkle.  This is a really fun game if you haven’t played it yet.  Especially since I spanked Deb’s butt at it on the train ride.  I have to gloat as I don’t beat anyone in the Harrold family very often at any game of any sort involving any playing pieces.

Thankfully, the apartment was a short walk from the train station, and we were pleasantly surprised with the big apartment and big backyard, which made us feel at home.  Shy of the lake, the beach, the boat, the sunset, yada yada…  The kids loved that there were chocolates on their beds…Mozart chocolates nonetheless.


This amazing AirBNB even had two nice cold ones in the fridge…now one since I was enjoying the first one during this photo.

Deb headed off to the grocery store as there were too many parameters in play for me to go, so I went and hung out with the kids at a nearby, you guessed it, playground.  The playgrounds in Europe are truly amazing.  The layout is more spread out, the toys are all made out of wood or what seem like budget but good quality materials (no plastic or metal), and are truly fun…a spinning disc, zip lines, a self propelled trampoline, inventive slides, and dirt to dig in.   No rubber mats.  No helicopter parents.  Just kids being kids.  The way it should be.  Below is a “grown up” playground, beside the kids playground, designed as a body weight multi station functional fitness structure…very cool.  The second one is a Mirabell Palace with a climbing wall on the back side of it, and then the bottom two are in Hallstatt overlooking the lake.

And we found another statue to have some fun with.  It was begging for me to pull his finger!

We got back to eating some veggies with a nice salad, and stayed away from deep fried stuff for a day.  It was nice to degrease.  Then just a quiet night at the apartment and then went to bed to catch up from the crappy train ride sleep that most of us had.  Supposedly I slept, but didn’t feel like I did…haha.

The next morning we got up, and we got going to see old Salzburg before the tour buses unloaded.  We found some bikes in the garage so we went downtown by bike which was great.

Deb and Wilson had their own bike, but I doubled Lulu on the back of mine on the like bike rack thingy that she sat on with a rolled up fitted sheet so her rear end didn’t get sore.  It was fun, and I enjoyed it since I got a super long hug from Lulu every time she was on the bike with me.  #daddyslittlegirl


Like other European cities, at least the bigger ones, it is neat to see a preserved “old city” within the new city.  There were cobblestone streets and all of the palaces and major churches were maintained in their full glory, and in amazing condition.


We made our way down to where Mozart was born, and then walked across the Mozart bridge to his residence where we were impressed by the amazing array of his musical instruments, compositions, paintings, and even wooden shooting discs (one of which had Mozart sniffing some guys rear end…don’t ask me, it was hanging on the wall).  The audio guide was great and it held the kids attention for the entire tour.


We had booked a biking tour of the Sound of Music movie sites in the morning too.  Figured we would get some exercise and see the sights at the same time.  After the residence, we headed back home to just chillax and have lunch.  We ended up all lying on the couch and watched the Sound of Music so we could pair the sites that we knew what we were looking at.  Apparently, I was the only one who hadn’t seen the Sound of Music.  It is really good!  Wilson did some homework, which was budgeting and keeping track of expenses as math class, and Lulu did some Time4Learning

We got to the tour, with Lulu on the back of my bike, and she quickly gravitated to the tandem bike for the two of us to ride together since she couldn’t ride the single bike they had as it was too big.  I use the term lightly…together.  She had her feet on the pedals when she felt like it.  Otherwise, she just freeloaded off of her dad.  She said it was too hard to keep up my pace.  Whatever.


She pedalled when she felt like it.  By the end of the tour, I simply stopped pedalling and told her if she wanted to get back to the start that she had to start pedalling too.  So, in Lulu fashion, she did…while I rested my feet on the cross bar.  “Dad, I don’t know how you do this!  This is hard!”, she said.  Ya.  I know.  So, we took turns at the end, and we got home in one piece.


If you have the means, the tour was simply incredible.  We had a blast, biked 25km, got to jump in a Roman canal that was over 1000 years old half way through to cool off from the heat of the day (Lulu and Wil said they would jump in if I did, so I went first and the kids quickly backed out).

So, the current in the canal was pretty strong, so I used it as a mini workout to swim upstream to maintain my position until the kids jumped in.  Still no go.  So I swam to the opposite side where there was a ladder so they could jump in.  Wilson jumped in, and landed on the bottom rung of the ladder that was under the water, so he ended up crying and getting out, and then Lulu said “No way”.  So, I just floated down the canal to where we parked our bike and got out.  It was very refreshing and much needed in the heat and hauling Lulu around.

The tour was, as I said, great.  We saw lots of sights, and honestly I don’t know how the bus tours could see what we did as some if not all of the locations were pretty hard to get at in a vehicle.  So, good choice there.  We saw the movie locations plus got the history of the buildings and area themselves.  Did you know the von Trapp house is a different house on the front, the back, and the terrace?  Yellow is the front house, the lake house with the white back was the back of the house, and I don’t have a picture of the terrace house.


Here is a doorbell that was installed for the movie, but was never used on the gate to the yellow house.  Don’t ring it.  Nobody will come.

The house (back house one) was formerly occupied by Nazi’s?  The front of the house is the University of Mozartmusik (someone was playing an incredible piece on the piano when we were there)?  The nunery is still functional and you can see where they cut the gate where they poked a camera through?  Here is a picture of Deb biking in front of the nunery entrance, and where the German cars were parked as the von Trapps escaped.

Most of the inside shots were done in LA, where outside shots were done here?  When they hiked the mountains to escape the Nazi’s they were actually hiking into Germany, and if they had headed in the right direction, they would have had a hike that takes 5 hours to drive?  (In reality, they took the train).  Here is a photo of the graveyard they hid in just before the escape.


Cool stuff like that.   He tried to get the group to sing, but it didn’t fly.

We were too spread out.  The tour took 3.5 hours, and the kids were done, so off to dinner and back home to crash for the night.