So, we packed up in what seems to be the norm for the departure days in Salzburg by sleeping in a little bit and then rushing to get everything done and then we headed off to the train station with hopes that this leg of the journey goes well.

By that, I mean to see if I either continue on to Venice with my family, or go home to Huntsville due to a major error in my attempt to help organize the trip

Killing time by doing a little homework waiting for the train

So, you may recall that there was a bit of a communication issue when I came to booking the tickets for this part of the trip. We couldn’t figure out how to book it properly on the train website, so we had to call Austria to book the train tickets. However after I book the train tickets it look like the kids and I had one kind of ticket and Deb had a different kind of ticket. This was one of the few tasks that Deb let me manage in the logistics and probably for good reason that I did not plan much of the logistical end of things with respect to the trip. It’s cleaner and easier that way anyways. Remember the home tasks and away tasks comment from earlier?

Anyways, I wanted to make sure that I got the plan right so I went to the train station ticketing office to make sure that the tickets were in line and we were all going to the same place. The very nice lady on the other side of the counter was very accommodating when I explain to her that my marriage might possibly end if I did not make the plans right. Thank God she assured me that we were all going to the same place on the same vehicles and arriving all in Venice together.

Today, we had to take a train to Innsbrook, then hop on a bus to go through the Keller pass, and then hop on the Italiarail train to get to Venice.  We had a bus driver who drove like Animal from the Muppets, so Deb and Wilson who sat in the front two seats got a nice little roller coaster ride the whole way.

We got to Innsbrook and hopped on the train, found our seats in the only car in the train that didn’t have air conditioning, or any air movement for that matter, and headed out of Austria.  I hate the hot sticky feeling at the best of times, so there was no way I was going to sit in a train car for 4 hours where there was no AC and not even a fan to move the air around.  It was so nice when someone even walked by (even the Italians who are a little heavy on the cologne) so that there was a bit of a breeze from them passing by.


Forget this, I thought to myself, and so I headed out in search of some empty seats in the other cars with Lulu.  We found some in the first car where it was nice and quiet.  When the ticketing agent came along, I lied a bit when the ticketing agent came along and asked me for our tickets.  I told him we already checked in and that it was in the car without AC, and my daughter was feeling like throwing up.  No one can resist a child that is [A] cute, [B] who is looking at you with puppy dog eyes, and [C] who wants to barf.  “No problemo,” he says and he moves along.  Eventually, Wilson and Deb join us for the rest of the ride in comfort.

The train ride was beautiful as we headed into Italy.  I have never see so many vineyards and amazing castles on the sides of mountains.  I was in awe.

We got to the train station in Venice, and everyone was accounted for…one point for Rich!

We had instructions on how to get to the apartment, and we were supposed to catch a bus, but I don’t think that we realize that it was a water bus. So we walked over to the water bus station and bought tickets and jumped on the next boat that was going to take us to our location which was right by the UNESCO world heritage site, the Rialto Bridge.

Of course there were hords of tourists buzzing around and ignoring everything in their immediate surroundings so navigating our way through with her suitcases in our backpacks at 5 o’clock when everybody was basking in the Sunset, was a bit of a challenge. We tapped into the here we go app and follow the directions which took us down some very narrow alley ways and eventually made it into the piazzo Campo Santa Marina.

Now, the only thing that we have to figure out ways which apartment was ours. Thankfully the owner of the apartment was standing on the roof top waving at us as we were the only ones in the Piazza that certainly looks like we had no clue where where we’re going.

We grabbed our suitcases and headed up the 42 steps to the fourth floor of the apartment which were at varying degrees of angulation one where the other which made you feel a little bit drunk walking up the stairs and in the heat of the day, that didn’t help either with the drunk feeling.

We quickly settled in, bought some groceries at the Coop grocery store which is just around the corner from us including our first bottle of Italian wine, and then looked through the comments box from the other people who stay in the apartment and decided to go to a restaurant (Trattatoria Aglii Artisti) down one of the narrow alley ways which provided us with an excellent Italian meal for first night in Italy.  WIlson had pizza, Deb had spaghetti carbonara (admittedly she said mine was better!), Lulu had spaghetti bolognase, and I had spaghetti de la mara (seafood spaghtetti).  It was unbelieveable.


It was all laughter and relaxation until Lauchlyn take a sip of Coke and Wilson made her laugh and she went into laryngospasm causing her to choke. We try to keep her calm and several Italian people came over and offered up their help.

Eventually she settle down and had a bit of a cry and then started ploughing through her spaghetti Bolognese in front of her.

We headed home ready for our adventure the next day!  Getting lost in Venice, gondola rides, and maybe a little gelato along the way…