In 200 BC Romulus killed his brother Remus because he jumped the wall around his property.  Romulus became king.

All emperor’s following Romulus built their houses on the hill called Palatine Hill.  This is how we got this word palace, meaning ruler’s home.

Many powerful and rich emperors ruled Rome and often built arches that told stories about the people they captured.  My favorite arch is the Roman Triumphal Arch.


When emperors died they believed they were Gods and therefore temples were built to honour them.  Most of these have been destroyed by the earthquake and by people stealing the valuable marble.  Only the temples attached to Christian churches were saved!  My favourite temple was Ceasar.

In 80 A.D. the colosseum was built.  It was built on Nero’s lake.  It took thousands of slaves and 10 years to build it.  Emperor Vespasian commissioned the build.  The colosseum was an amphitheatre that had three main purposes:

1)Gladiator fights

2)Hunters with lions and other exotic animals

3)Play with scenery


Everyone in the town of Rom was welcome to come to the show.  The tickets were made of wood.  The emperor or senate only put on one show per year.  The show lasted up to 100days.

The audience had seats in different areas.  The emperor sat in a special box while the vestile virgins sat across the stage from him.  The women sat above the vikings and the men.  The slaves sat at the top.  Everyone who came to the show was allowed free meat and free drinks.  This was how the emperor made his people happy.

Our guide Patrize gave me all of this information.  My favourite place to see was the Colosseum.