So what is happened since we’ve been in Rome. Sorry for the tardiness blogging but it’s been quite a busy couple days here trying to cram in as many of the historical sites as we can. This place so full of history it is literally layered on top of each other.

We packed up in Venice the night before because we have to leave at 7 o’clock in the morning to make our 8 o’clock train, and of course that meant going to the local candy shop called Captain Candy, to buy goodies to snack on on the train ride which was four hours from Venice to Rome. Admittedly, the candy store was pretty cool, however between the three of us having a very select amount of candy in our bags it towed to €21.79, which is like $32 Canadian.  I could go to Costco and get 10 bags of M&Ms for that.

Travelling from Venice to Rome was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that we had to walk 30 minutes to the train station. Thank goodness, prior to which it was pouring rain and we thought we would have all of our luggage soaked by the time we got to the train station. Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we got to the train station.

Needless to say the trip to Rome it was pretty routine. The kids watched TV shows and movies on their iPads and I dozed on and off, as did Deb. Once we got to Rome, it was the middle of the day and was pretty hot, and as you would expect in a big city it was very very busy. Eventually made it down to the apartment after walking for about half an hour. Wilson was extremely happy to be back in Rome. The last time he was here he was a baby so he doesn’t really remember it but we do, trying to push his stroller through the cobblestone streets and avoiding the crazy Italian drivers. This time the kids were left to fend for themselves with the drivers and nobody was going to be getting a free ride in the stroller from either Deb or myself.

Random dude levatating in around the ruins…

In fact, just around the corner, I was at the Basilica San Clemente where three generations of churches dating back to the first century her built on top of each other and you can go down through the various layers to see original frescoes and sculptures from the first century. Pretty friggin cool. I’m sure if you dug down deep in Muskoka, all you are going to find are clay and granite rock.  Maybe a beach toy or two if you are on our beach.




We found the apartment and climbed up the five stories to get to the apartment but it was well worth it is we could stand on the roof of the building and we could see the Colosseum a couple hundred meters away from our apartment. Wilson was in heaven. We unloaded all of her stuff, and Lulu took it upon herself to put all of her clothes and gear in the drawers of the apartment so that we didn’t have to have a reverse suitcases this time. We then headed out to find some food and see some of the sites. We got past the Roman Forum and some of the ruins and then we made her way over to Trevi fountain, however we got caught in a torrential downpour on the way there. That was perfect as all the other tourists besides these crazy Canucks were seeking shelter while we were parading around the Trevi fountain with an obstructed view and photo opportunity!

We made our way back to the apartment stopping for supper on the way but we knew that tomorrow is gonna be a long day with a early rise to the Colosseum.

In the morning, I got up early and headed out for a run and then came home with a bag of delicious pastries to enjoy before our big day of Roman history.

Early bird gets the worm. I ran up and down the Spanish Steps while a nice couple got their wedding photos done. #weddingphotobomb

We headed off to see the Colosseum, the Roman form, Palatine hill and where all the Roman history began. It’s hard to put down in words all of the amazing elements that made up the Roman history, but it certainly seemed as if they knew what they were doing as they build things to last… But that I mean that of which is still standing.

This was an example of the trap doors that brought the sets, animals, and actors up to the stage of the colosseum during a performance.

This was the courtyard where Vestil Virgins had to keep a sacred flame alive in order for the world to survive.

The triumphant arch of Titus, which acted like a newspaper in the day, depicting and celebrating the major victories that solidified Rome as the centre of the universe back in the day.

This is one of the walls of the Colosseum. The outer part was neatly stacked bricks, but the inside was just packed full of irregularly packed bricks and scraps from other ruins in the area.

This is what the Colosseum looked like back in the day.

I won’t go over the history of Rome in its entire ready, as Wilson has a blog post on that. Needless to say Wilson, who is a bath about Roman and Greek gods, I had a great day and eventually returned with the ultimate souvenir of a Roman soldier helmet. Yes, it’s form on metal and horse hair with leather straps. It is up to him to bring back to Canada or to carry it until we do make a visit to the post office to send goodies home.

Everybody was pretty beat and we had a pretty quiet afternoon at home as it was stinking hot and everybody just needed a bit of a break. Kids did some work for school and then we headed out for a nice supper after seeing the Spanish steps and doing a little bit of people watching.  Aaaand, maybe we got a little gelato on the way home.

Wilson and Deb went out for a late night tour to go over some ghost stories and legends of the area, which are pretty spooky but I will let them tell stories. Lauchlyn and I headed home but of course on route we found a gelato shop that was incredible. I had blueberry, wild cherry, and Nutella, which when you eat it together it tasted like black forest cake as the top of the whole thing off with whipped cream. With our bellies full of Italian goodness we headed home and off to bed.

We hit up Vatican City the next day which of course is steeped in history and has a whole whack load of treasures, paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and interesting artifacts. By this time, Lulu family declared that she really does not care for history. I told her that it’s too bad and she will just have to soak it all in for what it’s worth. But I must admit we have been walking around Rome a lot and everybody is tired and the legs are getting sore from walking on uneven cobblestone all the time.   Here are some artifacts, tapestries, sculptures, and the guards protecting them at the Vatican:

We headed off to another famous gelato shop, old bridge gelato, and it did not disappoint on another hot day in Rome. We were bound determined to find a Cacio e Pepe restaurant (Grazia and Graziella; very good) in the old part of room across the river and we enjoyed a nice meal before heading home to pack up for the trip to Florence in the morning.

Wilson, and to a lesser extent Lulu, wanted to get a taxi but he knew that if we took a taxi that would mean that it came off the gelato expense account. So we walked home…