The Fallen Angel

Apparently Florence is a city of just that…cooking, eating and shopping!

We have been busy eating our way through the restaurants, markets and gelato places.  Breakfast was coffee –made with these little “kettle” like things (Bialetti make good coffee…but seriously 1/2 mug at a time.  ARGH!  I like my 2 LARGE mugs in the am….so it takes a while to get me going in the am!  I will look to buy one when we get home – but in the “american” size!  Also for breakfast, Rich went to the market after his run – fresh chocolat croissant, croissants, fruit and jam.  YUM.

Our Airbnb’s have turned out great.  This apartment has two fireplaces, sitting area and outside clothes hanger!

Today the special eating stop was the “make your own” MAGNUM bar shop….seriously!

Kids begging for me to spend $15 CAD on two magnum bars!

Lulu OD’d on chocolate —keep it simple next time or “less is more”….she is my child 🙂

THEY win!

(I did get a bite though!….a $2/bite bite!)

We took the Family Backpack Tour of Florence.  What a great find (credit Rich!).  It is a free backpack with a map, 10 stops of interest on the map, a numbered “bag” with an activity for each stop and a parent information guide (with more history) to go along with it.  It was fantastic.  We got the “around Florence” one…but you can get the museums one or others.  We loved the history, the activities were captivating…and hilarious.  All in all a great 2 hours spent exploring Florence.  (and we found the MAGNUM store along the way…bonus!)

The faces of Lulu!

The adventures of Play-doh and Pinisiuse….Lulu’s anatomically correct “hero”!

She is seeing a lot of statues with “all the right parts”…so her hero also had many similar parts!

…even from the back side

Lulu and I got a not-so-nutritious lunch (but totally my style…without Rich keeping me honest!)….

..then this afternoon was cooking school.  Lauchlyn and I headed to FlorenceTown cooking school to learn how to make pizza and gelato.  Very tasty, a lot of fun…and some flour on our clothes to remember it by!  Lauchlyn got to help with the gelato making….it was delicious.

Lulu’s was a little heavy and stuck to the table!

Last for the girls —shopping!  Lulu is looking for a leather jacket and one for Wilson too.  We will be back to barter for two tomorrow I think.  I found a nice new leather bag for work.  I will remember Italy well by the smell of fresh leather.  55 Euro….1/2 the “marked price of 110euro….maybe could have gotten it cheaper…oh well!

Wilson and Rich got up to no good cooking pasta at Mama’s Cooking school.  I am sure he will tell you lots about it….but here are a few pics…of the dinner they are making us tonight!


Tomorrow – we visit PISA and the leaning tower.  We will get up early – as we prebooked the walk up the tower for 9:15am.  Pisa is a twenty min. walk, a one hour train and a 20min walk from here…early to bed with a full belly of pizza, pasta and chianti!  Some slanted pictures will follow I am sure.

(ok…it’s already tomorrow…so here are some pics!)

worn our marble stairs…on the outside or middle or inside depending on which way the tower is leaning on the bend!




Nice to see the AED 1/2 way up the 250 stairs

Duelling photographers

…some others

..road repair

Lulu’s funny photos (…she is looking for members to the LBS (large boob society???)…haha)

…still no BIG coffee

…fashion disaster (tiger print no, look somewhere near the floor that says noooooooooo!)

…and he can still sleep ANYWHERE

Sleeping on the train from Pisa to Florence through a CRAZY thunder storm!