Hope you enjoyed your first day of school well we were driving from Nice to Villeneuve les Beziers. Here’s a list of my favourite food, place and more;

  • Food,ribs (no sauce)- in Cinque Terre at ElDorado (the restaurant just below my hanging underwear on the laundry line!)
  • Place,Cinque Terre -because the hike, the food, the ocean and my bunk bed
  • Cooking class,mama Florence Fresh pasta making – yummy and time with Dad
  • Time-3 hour (8.0 km)hike along the coast line and in the mountains.

We had a long car ride with one sick Lauchlyn ???. I have decided that sugar is making me angry ? so I am cutting pop and candy from the list and if that works out we will take more of the list.

  • Pop
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Chips

And that’s the list!

Friends, everyday now I think about what time it is at home and what you guys are doing at school. Lauchlyn and I talk about school time or if it is the middle of the night for you.

I hope it is going well.

Mom showed me the emails about the class and also outdoor ed. Sounds fun. We are getting a lot of outdoor ed with my parents always making us walk and explore. Finding playgrounds is my favourite of outdoor ed.