We are in France. Our home used to belong to monks! Our host is Wilson (not my Wilson). He is very nice.  He loves history so he wrote a book about the history of France just for us! Wilson is also a renevator. He found this house and said “I should build my own apartment for visitors” so he re-built some of this place.  Now we are here for four days. Right across from us he built a house and you can see the special windows he built. The preist Bertrand de Got lived here too!



Selon le légende, un homme nommer Cyprien éte un ermite. Il éte le premier person a viver ici. Épuis les monks on vien ici en le 12ieme siècle. Ils constuire un église nommer L’église De Saint Cyprien.

Durent le guerre depuis 100 anneé l’église changer dans un fortress pour les soldat, des cannons et des armes.

The history

According to the legend, a homeless man named Cyprien was living in a grotto. He was the first person who lived here in Saint Cyprien. And then the monks came here in the 12th century and built the church named l’église de Saint Cyprien.

During the 100 years war the church changed into a fortress for the soldiers, cannons and weapons.

L’eglise de Saint Cyprien

stairs to ground floor in our house

oven that the Monks used


stairs to upstairs in our house

our couch