Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of being a fairy princess.  Her name is Amanda Forest.

She and her friends were having a sleepover for the weekend.  Her friends love princesses too.  Her friends were, Violet, Charlotte, Cici and Frenchie.

They were playing dress-up one morning and they grabbed the dress-up box in the closet.  Behind it was a portal.  Amanda did not know there was a portal there because she had never moved the dress-up box before. But today, her friends could not all fit inside her closet to play dress up.

So, Amanda touched her finger inside the portal it went through.  She stuck her whole body through and she disappeared.  Her friends did the same.  When they went through they were at a fairy princess camp.  They saw glitter and flowers and a bridge.  When they looked in a mirror they had wings on their backs and tiaras on their heads.  They were fairy princesses!

Then, Professor Sanchezz walked over and greeted them.  She settled them in a cabin and said they were going to be staying here for 5 weeks.  Professor Sanchezz gave them clothes, books, toothbrushes, water and a comfortable blanket because they brought nothing.

They went for a little tour of the camp and when they crossed the bridge a troll came and scared them.  It was nice troll though, his name was Alfred.  Alfred had green hair, a purple nose, brown skin and a red suit.  He was only two feet tall.  He smiled and giggled and said “Welcome to Fairy Princess Palace”.  He gave them a pack of Oreos to welcome them.  The girls said “goodbye” to Alfred and went on their tour.

Then it was time for dinner.  They had meatloaf and lasagna and cheesecake for dessert.

Soon it was time for bed.  Professor Sanchezz came into each cabin of which there were only fifteen.  Amanda’s was the fifth cabin and only her friends were there with her.  Professor Sanchezz read a fairy princess unicorn and rainbow story and tucked them in and said “good night”.  Then she shut the door turned off the lights and went on to cabin six.

For the first week, Amanda, Cici, Frenchie, Violet and Charlotte played together.  Then, when the first week passed, Cici made a new friend Isla.  She was in cabin six.  Frenchie made a new friend Icey she was also in cabin six.  Violet made a new friend Islette and Charlotte made a new friend Rebecca.  They were also in cabin six.   Amanda made no friends except the librarian.  She loved to read especially about fairy princesses.  She always dreamed about being one.  She thought all of this was just a dream.  She tried waking up but she found out it wasn’t a dream.  She was happy it wasn’t a dream because she loved it.  She is having so much fun seeing her friends making new friends and hoping to meet them.

Two weeks went by and Amanda still hasn’t made any friends but she also has hung out with her friends and their new friends.

Then Professor Sanchezz said on the microphone “Time for arts and crafts”.  So, they went to the arts and crafts place.  Amanda drew a toothfairy flying underneath her pillow at night. She was sleeping on a cloud though.  The toothfairy had pink glittery wings and a blue tiara and a red velvet dress.  All the other people drew themselves flying over a rainbow with a unicorn underneath.

That night, when Amanda closed her eyes the tooth fairy came alive from her drawing.  She flew around to find Professor Sanchezz.  When she found her, Professor Sanchezz was very surprised.  The fairy introduced herself and she remembered Amanda did not name her fairy. So, Professor Sanchezz told the fairy she would talk to Amanda in the morning and put the fairy to bed.

The next morning Amanda was sad because it was the last day of camp.  Professor Sanchezz told Amanda about the fairy but Amanda did not care.  So Professor Sanchezz told Amanda not to cry.  Professor Sanchezz said “ Why don’t you stay here as my assistant for as long as you want?”.

“ But I have another life on earth and my friends?”  Said Amanda.

“ Don’t worry about those things I will take care of that and your friends can stay here too!”  Said Professor Sanchezz.

“ Ok!” exclaimed Amanda.

So, Professor Sanchezz and Amanda and her friends lived there for the rest of their lives and fought evil together!

Written by:Lauchlyn

Edited by: Lauchlyn and Mom/Dad (teacher)