Cape Town

We are enjoying our stay at Kaya La Provence…..Thanks Lorraine!  The kids and Rich even got in the very cold pool (filled with rain water).  Cape Town and much of South Africa are in a prolonged drought…and water is scarce.  We are brushing our teeth using a small amount of water in a cup, using stop and start showers and only one load of laundry!  We did find ourselves a laundromat not too far from our home and did multiple loads of very cheap laundry. ($7 CAD/load…a total of $22 for all our laundry…better than the $100 we paid for laundry in Morocco)

sunrise over Ethiopia!

Kaya La Provence

Kaya La Provence

our pool

We visited Table Mountain.

and hiked Lions Head!

We tried some good wines from the Stellenbosch region and Constantia (the oldest wine region in the Cape).

We took the ferry over to Robins Island and learned more about apartide and Nelson Mandela.  Luckily it wasn’t very windy that day (thank goodness…and again Bonine seems to work for me!) . The kids are really learning a lot and figuring out how lucky they are to be born into our family in Canada.

The long walk to freedom

We explored the V&A Waterfront and ate at the food market for lunch and then the City Grill for supper.  Rich ordered the same thing he had 16years ago!  The giant skewer…that he of course wouldn’t share with Wilson…so Wilson got his own!  They are “meated” out!  The skewer had unique meats like warthog, ostrich, springbok and crocodile on it!  Wilson is an adventurous eater like Rich.  Lulu and I had Caesar salad, soup and bread!

We drove Chapman’s peak…and the three musketeers did some geocaching.

our first whale spotting…can you see it?

We hiked around Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.  Rich and I remember being here last time…I don’t remember the crazy crazy wind.  We held on to Lulu so she didn’t fly away.  She says “I was almost a kite!”.



the climbing tree at our air bnb

Simon’s town penguins…they stink!

The obstacle course at the ostrich farm

Some signs around town… We missed the picture of the one that read BEWARE OF CHILDREN…as you entered a small town!

Hermanus was our next stop.  ..but a quick stop at a cheetah sanctuary…we got to touch Ebony an adult male cheetah.

We have a great cottage with a pool and lots of space.  No barb wire here but gates and bars on the doors and windows.

It is much safer than Cape Town and we can go running on the roads and the Cliff Path…YEAH!  We haven’t run in a month now….withdrawl!

Hermanus is famous for the land based whale watching.  It didn’t disappoint….but I don’t have the great pictures (the iPhone didn’t do it justice)…wait for Rich’s!  The whales are southern right whales and are here from Antartica to mate and calf.  We are in awe with the size of them and they are 50m from shore.  The waves are crazy in this wind.  We saw seals and dolphins too.

Hermanus was also the spot where we marked Lauchlyn’s 10th birthday.  My double digit girl.  We had a very nice “chill” 48hrs around her bday.  We went to the mall –Rich, Wilson and I got our haircut (the “boys” cut) at the barber!  …$12 each!  He wouldn’t cut Lulu’s hair because “long hair makes my hands shake” said the Barber. (hahaha) . The hairdressers in the mall didn’t have time for the girls.  Oh well…now I look like an older, slightly more feminine and definitely more grey version of Wilson!  The girls had a manicure (Lulu’s first!).  We ate fire baked pizza and had cake and ice cream.  She got some unexpected gifts from all of us…and lots of Facetime with friends.  We are blessed.  The funniest was the non-blow out candles….video on facebook if you want to check it out.  Lastly we watched whales, Rich and Wilson and Lulu went horseback riding (I got to go for a run…happy day!) and we just returned from watching Small Foot at the movies….the BEANBAG theatre!  Super fun few days chilling with the family.

Tomorrow on to DeHoop Nature Reserve for more disconnect, hiking, running, hanging out…..