Did you know…

1. Did you know that one toilet flush = five days of drinking water?
2. Did you know that south Africa has been in a drought for 5 years?

3. Did you know that ‘Day Zero’ was estimated for August 2018 but has now been pushed back to at least 2019?

4. Did you know Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for treason and conspiracy from1962-1990?
5. Did you know Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace prize?
6. Did you know Nelson Mandela day is July 18th when everyone around the world is to spend 67 minutes doing something good for others (representing the 67years he spent working to create change)?

7. Did you know Eland can jump 2.5m from standing still and 4m when running and jumping?….If they were in track and field – they would win the high jump!

8. Did you know cormorants can dive 40m to catch fish? This is why the Chinese tie rope around their neck and let them dive. They can swallow the small fish but the big fish can’t get past the rope and they bring the big fish up to the surface.
9. Did you know Osprey carry their fish in their claws face first for better aerodynamics?
10. Did you know the African Fish Eagle can kill a small antelope and flamingo for food?
11. Did you know baboon poop looks an awful lot like human poop?

12. Did you know red grasshoppers are POISON?
13. Did you know that bontebok poop is used for spitting competitions? (YUCK)
14. Did you know that the great grey heron practices siblicide? (the oldest hatchling eats the younger one….double YUCK)
15. Did you know the Dassie (African badger) is closely related to the elephant?
16. Did you know a Swallow can stay in the air without landing for 6-10months?
17. Did you know a Fish Eagle has polarized vision?
18. Did you know flamingos are pink because they eat algae (and shrimp)?
19. Did you know penguins need to stay on land for 21d while they moult because their feathers aren’t water proof?
20. Did you know…penguins STINK?!

21. Did you know all the guides on Robin’s Island were once prisoners there?
22. Did you know the ants that baboons eat are called cocktails?
23. Did you know Eland milk can be stored without refrigeration for months?

24. Did you know all of the water on Table Mountain is brought up in special tanks under the cable cars?…it is then dispersed to the restaurant and toilet facilities

25. Did you know after hours the dirty water is transported down in different tanks below the cable cars and into the sewer system in Cape Town?
26. Did you know Lulu hugged Desmond Tutu?

27. Did you know a plastic bag is used on average for 12 min but takes 500 years to break up into smaller pieces?
28. Did you know 80% of ocean garbage originated on land?
29. Did you know over 2 million plastic bags are used worldwide every minute!

30. Did you know it is illegal to have a plastic bag in Kenya!
31. Did you know 100,000 marine creatures and 1 million birds die from ingesting and getting entangled in plastic?
32. Did you know 1 billion plastic straws are used and thrown out daily?
33. Did you know plastic straws take less than 5 minutes to be produced but stay on the earth forever?
34. Did you know used plastic bags are being turned into ECOBRICKS (put into empty plastic water bottles) to create solid structures?
35. Did you know 22000 plastic bags can be saved over one person’s lifetime if we use reusable bags?
36. Did you know currently there is 270000 tonnes of plastic garbage in our oceans? That is 5 full plastic bags on every foot of coastline around the globe.
37. Did you know Wilson and Lulu lost a game of giant chess to a cute German boy?

38. Did you know the prisoners on Robin’s Island shared knowledge by hiding books and documents in the pails of food that the cooks took from cell to cell? The prisoners knew to reach deep down into the food to collect the material
39. Did you know in the quarry on Robben’s Island the prisoners used the cave as a place to hold ‘Parliament’?
40. Did you know many of the prisoners who worked in the quarry on Robin’s Island are now blind because of sun damage?
41. Did you know ostrich is the healthiest meat in the world? (the cholesterol level is 0.8g/100g of meat)
42. Did you know that the ostrich neck is used for stews and soups?

43. Did you know the best cut of ostrich is its back?
44. Did you know there is no meat on an ostrich’s breast?
45. Did you know a full grown male ostrich weighs 150kg!?
46. Did you know an ostrich has the largest eyes of any land animal? (2 inches across)

It is kind of hard to hide in the long grass when you have a neck like this.

47. Did you know it takes 1.5hrs to hard boil an ostrich egg?
48. Did you know Cape Point isn’t the most southern tip of Africa? (Cape l’Agulhas is)
49. Did you know that when you pet a cheetah you use a flat hand and press firmly to replicate another cheetah’s tongue (used to groom each other)?

50. Did you know young cheetahs actually chirp?
51. Did you know cheetahs don’t have any scent?
52. Did you know cheetahs purr like house cats?
53. Did you know cheetahs run fast…but only for a very very short distance?
54. Did you know if you don’t press firmly when stroking a cheetah you tickle it? (It doesn’t really like to be tickled)
55. Did you know cheetahs are often blamed for killing livestock because they are nocturnal hunters when the farmers can’t see what is killing their cattle? Cheetah sanctuary breeds large guard dogs for farmers to use. The dogs keep the cheetahs away and therefore they are saved.
56. Did you know the Southern Right Whales were near extinct due to Soviet Whaling (illegal) in the 1950-60s? Now the population is growing at 7% per year

57. Did you know the Southern Right Whales are baleen whales with baleen plates measuring up to 2m?

58. Did you know Southern Right Whales feed in the Antarctic waters all summer and then come to the coast of South Africa in the winter to mate and calf? The whales don’t eat for months in the warmer waters.
59. Did you know the Southern Right Whales don’t have dorsal fins?
60. Did you know the wind in South Africa is 25km/h? (40+% of the winds are 30km/h) and the strongest wind gust measured 186km/h

(YouTube Video Link to Cape of Good Hope Wind With Kids: https://youtu.be/RGuH31dV-JI)

Did you know…….

Stay tuned for more…as we learn more…

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