I’m leaving most of Mai Chau and Hanoi revisited to Rich….

BUT…. I put enough of my “9 lives” on the line….(not to mention the children’s)

…..sent prayerful messages to whoever would listen….

…..gritted my teeth

…..closed my eyes

…..and looked to my family for support….

HA!  So helpful…he could sleep through anything…and Lulu could play her iPad oblivious to the sheer CHAOS happening around them….

I am going to name my new stress ulcer – THUNG KHE…..after the most treacherous part of the drive from Ninh Binh to Mai Chau.  Enjoy the ride!

(YouTube Video Link to the Taxi Ride from Mai Chau to Hanoi: https://youtu.be/t-jwAe99vc4)

…..and the animals, crazy scooters ETC…


After all that we were thankful to put feet on the ground in Mai Chau.  Only to be followed two days later by another drive Mai Chau to Hanoi….with a totally TERRIBLE driver.  Even Rich was feeling car sick!  Phew…survived!

We even survived the toilet stops! (without using the hose LARRY!)

Last images ice cream and ice coffee in Hanoi.

Lulu the expert stirrer

…we couldn’t resist


Just like home! (ok….we may have had it twice!)