The view from the top of 500 steps

Me and my family have travelled in Vietnam for the past ten days, we have seen hundreds of rice paddies, it is November so mostly they are just plain mud.  (Not snow, haha,) This post will tell you about the origin the farming and the uses of rice.

Ducks…in the wet rice fields

There are conflicting ideas where rice was originally found like the Philippine, China and India.                            India claims to have the longest history and most varieties of rice.                                                                           There are eight countries around the world that original rice varieties.                                                                   During the Green Revolution many varieties of rice were lost because government only planted the fast growing rice.  Scientists are trying to keep healthy rice by making some new kinds of rice so they made drought resistant, flood resistant and disease resistant rice.

Rice grows on hills or marshes, in Vietnam they mostly grow it in marshes.  A cycle of growing rice takes three months and therefore some places can take two or three harvests a year.  2x in North. 3x in South of Vietnam.   they don’t grow rice during winter.  seedlings are planted by hand and mostly by the women.  every day the women climb up to there garden and take the weeds out of the plant and find the snails to take out, I saw a lot of snail eggs did you know snail eggs are PINK?!  once the plant is grown the men and women use a sickle knife to harvest the plant.   The same plant comes bake up.  The rice is mainly dried on the plant the plant is laid out on the road for cars to drive over to knock off the stems, it has to be on the road for up to 2-3 days for the rice to dry.  After the rice is dry a machine separates any husk from the kernel. All of the scraps are not gone to waste a powder is used for pig food and the husks outer layer is used as fertilizer.  Did you know one bag of seeds makes 36 bags of rice.

This is how they separate and dry the rice…with the cars driving over it…very hygenic!

3.5 billion people depend on rice for survival.  Rice is usually eaten like in many of the Vietnamese dishes I tried.  Rice is also used for weddings and ceremonies.

go to this site and it has a 14min long video that tells you who depends on rice.
or go to this site witch is only 4-5 min long that tells you about the farming of the rice.
after learning a lot about rice I tried sticky rice and I liked it.
thanks for learning.
bye from me and bye from the ducks in the marsh fields!!