I knew after Vietnam culture/food/business shock…that camping in Western Australia would be more our speed (don’t get me wrong I really loved Vietnam….and look forward to returning (I think Rich is planning a trip with Larry and Ev?!)) . My summary is…


the hottest I saw on the dash board

pool at house in Perth

Pool at Hamelin pools

Pool at Cervantes (with the seagulls to chase)

31 at 9am!!!!


long roads with no shoulder

“Flooding area”…this is a river….NO WATER. The sign tells you how deep the water is when it is flooded…YIKES

red sand, bright sky…no other cars


Nature’s window – Kalbarri

3km Gorge walk Kalbarri

a brotherly helping hand on slippery rocks – Kalbarri

I can see you! Reflection.

Nice walk in the chasms.

Nice view of the river at the “z” bend. The scarf and buff are for the flies!

Lulu climbing down one of the ladders is the gorge.

West coast Australia near Kalbarri

Mandu Mandu gorge walk -dry river bed

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – most southwest corner of Australia


More road kill than people ….(but the people are really quite nice)…

YUCK – had to offroad around that one.

..I’m not sure this little guy made it…

So far the count is over 70 dead kangaroos, 7 emus, one cow, one snake and a few birds (care of the windshield)….

Long drives…..

The much anticipated LEGO purchased in VIetnam


Mitosis….school work!

..when school work was happening..I was on my own in the front!

Long road trains….

Beaches and Beaches and Beaches….

Stromatolites at Cervantes

snorkelling in the blue pools near Kalbarri

Shell Beach –all cockle shells –very salty (and stinky in my opinion)…near Denham/Shark Bay

Fun at the beach – nice sand and sun

Snorkelling the NIngaloo reef -Cape Range park

Snorkelling the reef at oyster stacks –just off the beach –lots to see

The signs are hilarious….

I think this “box” went right outside through the wall!

messages everywhere

…the wildlife

Interesting…I didn’t know that.

…No kidding…

…OK….he just “had to try”!

…we also saw Roebuck Ave, Walker St, Lindsay St, Moore township….and stopped in Geraldton…just for you Freddy!

We love camping and playgrounds….

he can’t really fit up there…but tries

Shark bay site…almost blew over in the wind here…

dish duty

clothes drying in Cape Range park – Mesa campground

…except when it looks like you get a flat tire

SHARKS…or at least a website that tracks them! OMG


…and hilariously the people here LOVE to tell freaky “when animals attack” like stories to anyone who will listen EVEN if little children ears are listening too.

-“Honey, this is Australia….every bit of ocean has sharks…but really MOST of them won’t hurt you”….

-“My wife was only 20ft off shore looking at this amazing coral when she started swimming really quickly back to the beach….”SHARK” she yelled….Oh no, I was standing with my kids in knee deep water…and she was swimming right towards us….”Kids – get on the beach!”….but really – it was only a reef shark…they “usually” don’t bite and it wasn’t even acting aggressively!”   …..  OK – my inner voice says “usually”….is not good enough for me….and I am NOT sticking around long enough to know if the shark is “friendly” or not!!!!

-“Now kids, don’t approach the big male kangaroos…..they are aggressive and they will stand on their hind legs (aptly called paddles) and with their SHARP front hands/claws….the will TEAR YOU IN TWO…that’s right …RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF YOU” (all the while this 60yo Aussie man is making slashing jestures with his hands!)…-“Most of the spiders, if they bite you, will only make you sick….well…that is if you are an adult…the kids….a bite could easily KILL them!!!!”

-“Oh, the small snakes are the ones that you REALLY have to worry about….they can’t control how much venom they give you when they bite you…so, really the LITTLE ONES could KILL YOU”


WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!  I am having nightmares…..but you have seriously scarred my children!

…now back to the summary

Interesting animal encounters….

The kangaroos bounced through at dusk and dawn…

dolphins at Monkey Mia – the baby was 5 wks old

Rich got to feed

Lulu got to feed

…and Wilson got to feed (mom had enough feeding experience from Marineland)

BIG pelicans on the beach

Euro (smaller than kangaroo) – Cape Range park

…Rich….looking for the MOUSE!!!!

Deb…pretending to “help” but just trying NOT TO FIND THE MOUSE!

The WIND is crazy here too….you get sandblasted on the beach

50km/hr on the top of the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse

BORE water…… Salt, salt and more salt……and I love SALT…but enough is enough –The dishes are washed in salt water, the laundry is done in salt water and the showers are salt water –so much for getting the ocean out of your hair….and your lips are perma-parched with sun and salt!

(I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of the signs…re:Don’t Drink!)


I love my family….the crazies….!!!

space exploration suit – Canarvan

ready to become an astronaut

into the Apollo capsule for flight!

…hazmat suit for toilet dumping..

Dad…Dutch oven in the camper…

…poor Wilson….

…always looking for the next geocache…this one in ANTARTICA!

and lastly …THE FLIES!  OMG I HATE THESE FLIES!  They stick to you.  They love your eyes and your mouth and they don’t fly away without being swatted at….ARGH….at least they don’t bite (or KILL YOU)!

..the antifly outfit!


Only a few days left here…maybe some surfing….but it has turned “cold” here in the south.  (ie. 17deg!) . We will be in Margaret River enjoying the wines…then into Denmark to see some landscape…then back to Perth –onto our next leg of our adventure!