4 days

3 nights

Over 48 kms

Lulu not even looking happy before we began!

Elf on the shelf joins us on our walk!

Day 2 walking on the trail

Day 3 walking out to the Blade without big packs

3 children (2 of ours and one picked up for the adventure!)

1 husband


Day one…mostly still smiling

…curiosity Pooh Bear

Looking shell shocked (that’s what having a teenager will do to you!)

…a moment of me time on Cape Huay

1 boat ride (ok…we weren’t on that little speck of a sailboat you can see out there….but a smaller boat to get us from Port Arthur to the start of the trek….and I was TOO scared, TOO cold and hanging onto Lulu TOO tight to get my camera out)

2 tidal bore caves

A few terrified passengers (ok…just me and Lulu)

10,000 steps (actual steps….wood and stone)

100 boardwalks

Countless vistas

18 story benches

3 capes

The Blade

10 tired feet

10 stinky feet

Sore backs

1 seriously heavy pack

3 heavy packs

Lulu’s backpack

Rich’s pack

Wilson’s Pack

Robyn’s pack

Lulu’s pack

Deb’s pack

3 eco-amazing huts

3 eco-informative toilet blocks

The MOST AMAZING HOT bucket shower!

Night one hut

inside our sleeping cabin – night one hut – sleeps 8

Wallaby out front at hut #1

The view – hut #1

Hut #2

Hut #3

Hut #3


Interesting toilet facts

The shower

3 Toblerone bars

1 bbq sausage meal, 1 pasta/garlic bread/salad feast and 1 veggie curry delight

No wine….. 

(sorry…no food pictures!)

1 birthday celebration..Happy 18th Birthday Robyn

1 Christmas carol sing along

Fun with new friends

3 days of sun

3 hours of torrential rain

Sunrises, sunsets and stars

A lot of laughs

A few tears

Unforgettable memories….

….and on to the next adventure (more hiking for Lauchlyn!)